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The vision which I saw, was wholly awe-inspiring.
The heavens shrieked, the earth boomed;
Though daylight was dawning, darkness came.

Lightning flashed,a flame shot up!
The clouds swelled, it rained death!

Then, the glow vanished, the fire went out.
And all that had fallen, was turned to ash.

So it was written a long time ago, when the stars were brighter and our magic grew,
When we still could fly, on silver dragons - we traveled far,with our mighty vessels we must return to the stars!

Our lords are calling, it‘s time to go,
Prepare yourself for departure,
The humans must never know.
They are too far gone, there is no cure,
The only thing that can help them now,
Is mother natures wakeup call !!!

Don‘t fool yourself (Humans) by thinking that you know the truth,
The only thing that you know is, how to hide behind words,
That which is presented to you is just a camouflage,
Your stupid mind will disintegrate, you will drown inside of your mind !!!


First we were trapped, now we are free,
The human species is dying, and only We can proceed,
For our blood unites us, and our minds are so clear,
Now it‘s time to illuminate, and leave these humans be!!

Your frequency is 0, our mind is 99,
The 33 is Nero and Lucifer is 9,
Our Majesty bestowed us, with powers of the Gods,
Hyperspace awaits us, in search of places lost.

If one day we do come back, and your minds are still dark,
we will restart this creation, give it a pure thoughtful heart,
Make you care for this planet, to be smart and then wise,
help you to reach our level and then it‘s your time to depart.



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Static Distortion Records UK

Static Distortion is a record label that specialises in music that blends Electronic and Alternative genres and brings them to the forefront of the International music scene.

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