from by Defeat



You told me,
”it isn't working anymore”,
But you knew all along,
So why d'you bother?
You put me through hell,
Like no-one ever did before,
I never knew where I stood.

I'm glad you're gone.
You're a disease.
The disease drains the life out of me.

I think to myself,
“why did I waste my time?”
We never talk about me,
Only your attempted suicides.
You tried to drag me down,
But I wanted you to rise,
Now all I see is other men in your eyes.

I'm glad you're gone,
You're a disease,
The disease drains the life out of me.
I'm glad you're gone,
You're a parasite,
I'm no longer the flesh on which you feed.

You never wanted me like I wanted you.
You never needed me like I needed you.
It may be jealousy,
It may be jealousy that you,
You never played the whore for me.



from Outbursts!, released July 13, 2012


all rights reserved



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Static Distortion is a record label that specialises in music that blends Electronic and Alternative genres and brings them to the forefront of the International music scene.

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