Merchandise (Wristbands, T​-​Shirts etc)

by Various

  • We have the first four varities of this exclusive wristband so that you can support your favourite band where ever you are!

    The four varities we have at the moment are:

    Digital Deformation - Black with White text
    Digital Diktator - Dark Blue with White text
    Ghost In The Static - Green with Black text
    MiXE1 - Red with Black text

    And we only charge postage once per purchase for wristbands, so if you buy several, you will only pay one delivery cost :)
    ships out within 5 days

      £1 GBP

    You own this  



You will find the various bits of merchandise produced by the Artists and Label, with more lines to be added soon!


released June 26, 2012



Static Distortion Records UK

Static Distortion is a record label that specialises in music that blends Electronic and Alternative genres and brings them to the forefront of the International music scene.

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