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by Digital Diktator

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An epic journey through the digital universe, unknown to mankind, yet feared by many who roam the distant galaxies in search of familiar intelligence. Musically, the EP has a variety of different elements, from industrial to alternative rock with metal undertones.... overtones...error,wtf?!?!...rebooting...., a drop of drum and bass and topped off with celestial melodies. It has something for everyone, from the everyday dancer to the depressed kid in the back row, planning his next homicide.... This is just the beginning.... to be continued... very soon..... We evolve, we expand, we flourish, we prosper. But then again, we have light years of time. It all began on Mars, it ends on Earth. Listen and start your journey.


released May 4, 2012

Mixed by Digital Diktator
Mastered By Bounce Mastering


all rights reserved



Static Distortion Records UK

Static Distortion is a record label that specialises in music that blends Electronic and Alternative genres and brings them to the forefront of the International music scene.

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Track Name: It Began On Mars
In the Wake of the Serpent,
Their path was clear, yet uncertain,
from their homes they fled,
To a new world, found in the distance.

Their new world awaits,
Not far is this destination,
A young planet of blue
Their new home arose,
Beneath the horizon!

It All Began On Mars,
Our Mothers Were Born,
It All Began On Mars,
Our D.N.A. Was Torn!

Into the oceans they‘ve crashed,
Earth shook upon their arrival,
Fires burned on the shores,
Fresh winds swept through the flames!

From the outside the coldness of space,
Inside the blackness of the oceans,
They made it so far,
They will not die now,
A new home they must construct.

For a long time,
They‘ve gazed upon the stars,
But only silence,
To fill their broken hearts.

They saved themselves,
Yet sorrow lurks inside,
The dream of a new hope,
Came to be!!!

But still, their eyes were full of grief,
All the beauty they ever knew,
Ceased to exist!!!
Track Name: Journey Within
As i drift away into myself,i see a blackened sky and a portal beyond,
A vortex appears that was created therein,I take a step back but it pulls me within,
For a moment there‘s silence,flickering brightness afar
But thereafter comes chaos in a form of a star.


Within my darkest desire,I never felt it so pure
Within a soul born of fire,Galactic visions unfold

The supernova explodes and i arrive to this place
Where my demons fly high, across time and space
It‘s majestic and cold,subspacial frenzy begins
Displacing order in time,my sanity is the key.


Outside our minds nothing is real
We create it ourselves,with every thought that we feel

O celestial host,your council i shall receive
Thy Powers I must possess,my mind is open to thee
Entire worlds must soon burn,because their loss is my bliss
Within my sick tortured mind,I see my fires first kiss.


I am,I will,I create-Within my darkest desire
I punish,I torture,I kill-I never felt it so pure
I love,I conquer,I destroy-For the soul born of fire
I prosper,I flourish,I am master-Galactic knowledge is mine
Track Name: The Window
It is years since I last saw You,
You were crying in My arms,
Begging Me not to go.

I held You tight and whispered,
My love, this isn‘t the end
I will return, You shall see Me once again.

That night I felt a coldness,
Running down My spine,
As I saw Your sad face,
Watching Me Leave the house.

I never wanted to hurt You,
I was just following My dreams,
But the more I think about it,
The more I think this was a big mistake.

If I knew back then, what I know now,

Now that I‘m all alone,
300 light years from home,
Thinking about You,
And the great times We had.

I had a dream about my journey,
About the things I wanted to see.
But as I opened My eyes.
The beauty was gone!!

O my love, how I miss You,
I‘d like to spend one last night with You,
And make sweet love to You.

I‘m sorry, I left You behind,
That My judgement clouded My mind,
That Your wishes were not heard,
That You were left alone.

Sitting by Your window, cursing at the sky!!!

Darkness fell upon me,
I‘m freezing and I‘m out of time,
My life support is failing,
My mission failed, My dream is gone

I really thought that I would make it,
That all Your fears would be undone,
My heart is beating slower,
I can hear You from afar.

Darkness turned to light,
I am floating through the hallways,
I can feel Myself, capturing the essence of My being.

I am coming home My dear, I am one with everything!!!!!!!

My earthly vessel is gone,
My love for You is very strong,
So they let Me go, that I can find My peace.

My spirit is always with You,
You can not see Me,
But You feel it‘s true,
I will never leave You again
I am staying here with You.

Never again will You be sitting alone, cursing at the sky!!!!
Track Name: Time To Depart

The vision which I saw, was wholly awe-inspiring.
The heavens shrieked, the earth boomed;
Though daylight was dawning, darkness came.

Lightning flashed,a flame shot up!
The clouds swelled, it rained death!

Then, the glow vanished, the fire went out.
And all that had fallen, was turned to ash.

So it was written a long time ago, when the stars were brighter and our magic grew,
When we still could fly, on silver dragons - we traveled far,with our mighty vessels we must return to the stars!

Our lords are calling, it‘s time to go,
Prepare yourself for departure,
The humans must never know.
They are too far gone, there is no cure,
The only thing that can help them now,
Is mother natures wakeup call !!!

Don‘t fool yourself (Humans) by thinking that you know the truth,
The only thing that you know is, how to hide behind words,
That which is presented to you is just a camouflage,
Your stupid mind will disintegrate, you will drown inside of your mind !!!


First we were trapped, now we are free,
The human species is dying, and only We can proceed,
For our blood unites us, and our minds are so clear,
Now it‘s time to illuminate, and leave these humans be!!

Your frequency is 0, our mind is 99,
The 33 is Nero and Lucifer is 9,
Our Majesty bestowed us, with powers of the Gods,
Hyperspace awaits us, in search of places lost.

If one day we do come back, and your minds are still dark,
we will restart this creation, give it a pure thoughtful heart,
Make you care for this planet, to be smart and then wise,
help you to reach our level and then it‘s your time to depart.
Track Name: It Is You
Death Is My Name And I Want Your Soul,
Hide It From Me And You‘ll Be Alone,
‘Cause If You Fear Me,
And If You Think I‘m Evil,
You‘re as blind as the rest of them
You never knew the real me.

I don‘t know why I still care,
all these years nothing but pain from you,
you were as cold as they get,
sometimes i wished that you‘d be dead.

Hey You!!
Why Are You Still Here?
I Hope I Never Get To See You Again!!!

Sometimes I make You Disappear, I See You No More
My feelings are so far away, I can‘t give them no more
You took my heart and smashed it to a wall, I don‘t love you no more!!
All I feel is hate now, I wash my hands off you.

My happy place is gone, you burned it to the ground,
I will find a new one, and hide it well from you
I will not let you take them from me, my self-esteem and joy
You forget who the problem is, It‘s not me IT‘S YOU!!!

If People Started Dying, I Think I Really Wouldn‘t Miss Anyone.
‘Cause They Kinda All Deserve To Die Ya Know,….. That‘s The Way It Is,….

Throughout my life, I Wanted To Live In Peace,
But Then You Came, And Wouldn‘t Leave Me Be.
So Please Just Go Away, Leave Me In Peace To Go My Own Way,
I Promise I Will Never Call You Again,
So Go Ahead and let me go…,
I Don‘t Wanna Ever See You Again!!!!

YOU HEAR ME!?!?!?!

If You Would Just Stop Breathing, You Would Make My Day,
If Your Heart Starts Receiving All the Pain You Gave,
Your Apes And Sheep, Confused by Your Hypnotic Glare,
You Are Your Own Slave!!!!

So Stop Your Calling,
No One‘s Listening,
You‘re On Your Own,
Just Die,….